BONUS: Ocean Swimming Level #2
07 Mar
7:30 AM OceanFit @ Bondi Beach
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7.30AM - 10.30AM | BONUS CLINIC BY POPULAR DEMAND: Gain an in-depth knowledge of the ocean environment, develop a range of ocean swimming techniques for open water & waves, and improve your surf sense.
BONUS: Ocean Swimming Level #1
07 Mar
11:00 AM OceanFit @ Bondi Beach
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11AM - 2PM | BONUS CLINIC BY POPULAR DEMAND: Be introduced to the ocean through the eyes of an ocean swimmer, establish the foundation techniques for efficient ocean swimming and swim in a rip current.
Kings of the Coast
08 Mar
10:00 AM Kings Beach, Caloundra
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Whether you're a competitive swimmer or a weekend warrior, Kings of the Coast is your chance to conquer an iconic open water distance, including 3.8km, 2km, 1km or 300m Nippers Surf Dash.
Wollongong Ocean And Harbour Swims
28 Mar
9:30 AM Wollongong Boat Harbour and North Wollongong Beach
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Part of the two day fun of Splash and Dash Festival, Wollongong Ocean and Basin Swims have grown to become the Illawarra's favourite all age city swims.
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